SA Bonsai’s Liquid Fertilizer

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SA Bonsai’s liquid fertilizer is very high in nitrogen, contains a good amount of potassium and phosphorus, and is rich in micro & macro elements and 17 amino acids. 

SA Bonsai’s liquid fertilizer serves not only as a nutrition but also plays an important role in the vitality of the microbial population in the soil.

All trees require N-P-K plus all the other macro and micro nutritional elements to survive, so do your Bonsai tree. 

While trees in nature can find via their root systems the necessary elements, bonsai trees are planted in small pots we need to provide the necessary elements to our trees. 

SA Bonsai’s liquid fertilizer supplies a balanced growth throughout the Bonsai’s life

Application Rates:

  • Mix 1 Part liquid fertilizer with 1 part of water.
  • The mixture does not have to be used all at once.
  • Use this solution to water your bonsai-like normal.
  • Apply bi-weekly

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