Bonsai Re-potting

Bonsai Re-potting

  • 07 June, 2022
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Too busy to repot your bonsai?

We have been re-potting bonsai trees for many years.

Small living space and busy lifestyles leaves you without space, time, and facilities to repot your tree. We have the facilities and expertise to repot your tree and assist in all your repotting requirements.

All bonsai are re-potted with care and emphasis on improving the root system of your tree using the best quality materials available.

Cost to Repot?

Prices can vary according to the size of the bonsai, how pot bound the bonsai is, individual requirements, or custom bonsai soil mix.

How long will it take?

We would keep your bonsai tree for 2-4 weeks allowing time to settle in.

What is the best time of year to report my bonsai?

The best time to repot most trees is late winter /early Spring ( August –September)

Deciduous trees can be re-potted any time during their dormant period after all leaves have fallen off usually in late autumn and through the winter. The premium time to repot deciduous is when the new buds just start to swell as this is when the new roots also start to grow. This is normally late winter/early Spring.

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