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Beginner to intermediate Bonsai Training Class - Next Class 27 March 2021

Course duration: 8 Hours of Serious Bonsai

1. Classes are limited to 8 people.

2. You will be provided with training manuals.

3. Refreshments and lunch are provided at no additional cost.

4. You will be supplied with a tree to shape, will be thought to wire, prune, and re-potting.

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Bonsai Design, Own Material to Bonsai

To create a Bonsai tree you can start off with a tree that you dug out or bought from n nursery. With this class, we want to teach you to focuses on how to visualize different concepts to be able to see to end product.

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Enhancement Couse

After you have reached the 1st stage of basic styling the Bonsai Tree needs for further refinement and styling. This is where we relook at the design and maybe different options to further the tree.

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