Bonsai, Shaping, and Styling

Bonsai, Shaping, and Styling

  • 10 June, 2022
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At the Bonsai Huisie, we offer a professional shaping and styling service for your bonsai.

We work together with you to determine what you want and what best style will apply to your bonsai.

Simply bring your tree to us to discuss your requirements and obtain a free quote.

Remember a Bonsai is never finished, it is a living art that will change over time. A healthy bonsai tree is always growing and will never stop changing.

To improve the structure and style of your bonsai regular pruning of unwanted growth removal is required.

Simply trimming your tree of the unwanted growth is available or we can fully wire and style your Bonsai to your specifications.

We also offer individual lessons on how to shape and style your bonsai.

At The Bonsai Huisie, we have been shaping and styling customer trees for over 20 years.

We are skilled in all the major styles.

Most bonsai styles try to recreate a miniature version of old trees as found in nature by incorporating old tree characteristics into the design.