Buddleja Saligna (White Olive)

Buddleja Saligna (White Olive)

  • 22 December, 2021
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Buddleja Saligna (White Olive)

The bark is fissured and flakey with branches at 4 angles. It is more grey than brown.

The old trunks are fluted appearing muscular due to their vertical sap flow. The stems can also be twisted with damage caused by termites.

Leaves are oblong, green on top with pale grey below.

The wood is tough and hard making it good for jins and sharis. 


Propagation is easily done through seed and cuttings.


Constant leaf removal is essential for small leaves and ramifications. There is very little dieback, so tight pruning is possible. Foliage may become very dense leaving a hiding place for pests.

A good species for Clip and Grow Bonsai

The tree has a vertical sap flow. Two branches may be living on the same vein. By removing a lower branch too close to the trunk may stop the flow to the upper branch. A lower thick branch must be removed in stages.

Due to vertical sap flow, each branch will have a specific root. The idea is not to have two or more branches developing on the same vein being fed by the same root.

Idea for carving. The bonsais are watered regularly which causes rot. So sealing deadwood is very important. A better solution is wood glue, which gives a good brown aesthetic appeal to the deadwood This needs to be reapplied every 1 and half years.


The branches are brittle and break easily.

When wiring on regular pruned, the growth rate is slower, the wire can be removed after 2 to 4 months. Where the tree grows fast the shape should be retained after 1 to 2 months from wiring.


Any time of year, if the roots are not being cut, but best from May to September. Be careful of removing roots as the root is feeding a specific branch. 

A deep pot is best otherwise branches tend to die.

Repot young trees every 2 years and up to every 6 years for old trees.


Can withstand long periods of drought in the wild. In a pot, you will lose branches. Keep the tree damp.


Love full sun. Leaving them in full sun miniaturize and thickens the leaf compared to trees in full shade.

Are frost-hardy.

They do not tolerate indoors.