Ficus Natalensis – Natal Fig

Ficus Natalensis – Natal Fig

  • 22 December, 2021
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An evergreen or semi-deciduous tree native to Southern Africa with distribution stretching from Senegal to South-Eastern Africa. Ficus natalensis has a wide-spreading crown and can reach a mature height of 30m when growing conditions are conducive. This tree can withstand very dry conditions and is able to tolerate low temperatures.

The leaves of the Natal Fig are elliptic are arranged spiral manner and the bark is smooth.

As the tree grows older, it produces a few too many aerial roots 

This tree has small foliage and will reduce even more with pruning.

Full Sun is not a problem as long as the tree is kept damp

This tree bears small figs in spring and summer.

This tree has invasive roots that turn to Greyish barks, most suitable for Root over rock Bonsai