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Germinating from Seed

Seeds need to be removed from the fruit and cleaned, seed can then also be placed in boiling water for 24hrs - do not boil the seeds. It is very important that the soil mixture has good drainage. Do not overwater during the first few weeks to prevent rotting. Seeds take between 5 - 365 days or even longer to germinate.


Once the leaves start turning yellow at the beginning of autumn - gradually reduce watering. Stop watering when plus-minus 35% of leaves turn yellow. Do not water trees during the winter. However, in hot areas, you can give the tree a little bit of water once a week, but according to our knowledge chances are very good that trees will rot and may die.

Only give a little bit of water when the trees are sprouting new buds, usually mid-September.

Do not overwater during this period but gradually increase water and fertilizer (preferably organic) as more and more leaves develop. Only once the tree is in full leaf can it receive as much water and fertilizer as other trees.

Allow surface soil to dry out a bit before watering again. Reduce watering during rainy periods.

Where to Keep your Baobab

Baobabs like direct sunlight for as long as possible during the active growing period. The more sun the better they grow. Never keep the tree indoors during the growing period. During winter the tree MUST be kept indoors. The tree does not need sunlight during the winter months. Protect the trees from cold below 5 degrees.

Transplanting your Baobab

Baobabs are easy to transplant just stick to the basics. Baobabs can be transplanted from September to December. Baobabs have potato-like roots. Always make sure the cut through the root is done with a sharp knife cut should at a right angle 90 degree with the root to keep the surface of the scar as small as possible. Let the cut dry out place in direct sunlight to dry out for about 2 to 4 weeks. Transplant in a deep bonsai pot and make sure the tree is anchored if a lot of roots were removed. Do not water for 7 to 14 days, keep in full sun, thereafter water sparingly in the beginning until the tree is full of leaves. Baobabs prefer a well-drained soil mixture.

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