Black Monkey Thorn Swart Apiesdoring

Black Monkey Thorn Swart Apiesdoring

  • 22 December, 2021
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Black Monkey Thorn Swart Apiesdoring (Senegalia burkei)

This is a fast-growing, large tree with luxuriant, light green foliage. It is ideal for Bonsai. The Black Monkey Thorn may be adapted to stay indoors in a well-lit and airy room.

Propagate from Seed.

Soak seeds overnight in hot water. Sow in river sand and cover with vermiculite. Keep moist and protect the seedlings from frost in the first few years.

Drought resistant

But always keep your Bonsai trees damp.

Thorn trees prefer full sun, about 4 hours morning sun, a day. 

You are required to constantly trim off unwanted growth. Pruning will encourage new side growth, with branch movement and character, the characteristics of a good bonsai. Cutting too close to the thorn creates a knuckle. So it is advisable to leave a space between the two internodes to allow die back. 


The tree may become pot-bound within 5 years and the nutrients depleted. In spring, as the buds start to show and swell, gently remove the bonsai from its container. Uncoil the roots by raking out the roots. You may find that the thorn trees have a very long taproot. Removing this taproot can kill the tree. You need to ensure that there are other feeder roots, that can take over from the taproot. Remove about 30-50% of outer soil and roots. Follow the normal planting routine of bonsai. Place in a shady spot until new growth emerges.


They can only be brought into the home for a week or so at a time - for display purposes - before being returned to their permanent home. Leaving it indoors for longer, will starve it of its natural growing light, and slowly starve it, with possible dire consequences. We recommend organic pellets because as one water the nutrients are slowly released over a longer period of time.

When the tree has lost its leaves, you can stop feeding.