Wild Olive (Olea Europaea Sub Africana)

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The pictures do not do the tree justice

Wild Olive (Olea Europaea Sub Africana) -- Private collection from The Bonsai Huisie, Never before available for purchase

Age:  67 Years Old

Size: 32cm tall

Base: 18cm

These measurements are based on the top of the pot to the top of the tree. The base is the widest section just above the ground.

This tree is available for shipping. Please note that all trees are correctly tied, wrapped, and prepped for shipping and this will ensure the tree arrives safely..


Wild Olive (Olea Europaea Sub Africana)

Evergreen Tree.

The Bark Is Smooth Grey On Younger Branches And Flaky On Older Branches.

Leaves Are Smooth Glossy Green Above And Matt Dull Green Below.


Essential For Small Leaves And Ramification.

A Good Species For “Clip And Grow”

Removing A Large Branch Rather Makes A Feature Like A Jin Or A Shari.

The Extremely Hardwood Is Ideal For Carving.


Wiring Before The Branches Get Too Rigid Ie Within 1 Year Of Growth. The Shape Should Be Retained With 3 Months Of Wiring.


Any Time Of Year, But Best From August To November.

A Deep Pot Is Best Otherwise Branches Tend To Die.

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Tags: Wild Olive (Olea Europaea Sub Africana) -- Private collection from The Bonsai Huisie, Never before available for purchase