Grow a Bonsai Tree with the Cremated remains in memory of your pet.

Don’t hesitate to contact SA Bonsai and Cycads today. Let us help you create a lasting tribute to your furry friend, one that honors their life and brings comfort to your heart

Cremated remains

Explore our vast selection of pet memorials, showcasing beautiful pet memorial Bonsai trees with your pet’s ashes as the food for your pets Bonsai, making your trees strong and ever lasting, We can also add an exquisite pet memorial stone, and an array of pet memorial ideas to honor your beloved companion.
Let us help you create the perfect remembrance for your cherished pet, allowing their memory to live on forever.
With our extensive range of memorial options, you can choose the perfect tribute that symbolizes the love and joy your pet brought into your life.
Trust us to guide you through the process of selecting the right memorial for your pet friend, as we understand how important it is to preserve their memory.
Let us assist you in creating a beautiful tribute that you can cherish and admire for years to come. Shop now and celebrate the life of your beloved pet with confidence.

From memories to Remembrance
Considered creating a Memorial Bonsai.

Losing a pet friend is one of the toughest challenges we could face. 

It’s hard to say goodbye to a pet who’s been a constant source of love and happiness, who’s been there through thick and thin.

We believe that the memories of our pets can live on forever. 

We understand just how much our pets mean to us and how difficult it can be to let them go.

That’s why we’re committed to help you commemorate their lives in a unique and special way.

Our Pet Memorial bonsai's

Bonsai Memorial A
Bonsai Memorial B
Bonsai Memorial C
Bonsai Memorial D

Not forgotten and with us in our future.

Hi, I'm Milo
I'm so sorry to hear about Milo. It's always hard to lose a furry kitten friend. I think it's wonderful that the children want to do something special to honor their cat. Creating a memorial and burying him with love and care seems like a beautiful way to say goodbye. It's lovely that you'll be able to keep Milo close by as a Bonsai tree. That will be a sweet reminder of all the joy he brought into your lives. MARIA
Elvis was HERE
God told me to take care of a beautiful foal, fill its life with joy and love, and cherish our time together. When it's time to say goodbye, remember the memories and appreciate each experience. Honor this privilege and take care of the foal by watering and letting it stay outside in the sun. ROSE
Zi waiting for you...
Memories of our loved ones who have passed on are precious and continue to bring comfort. It's been a year since Zi crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but Zi's memory remains vivid in small things - the first light, raindrops, and even the face of the moon. Zi is the brightest star on a summer night, a reminder that love and memories continue to shine bright. Even though Zi is missed, memories serve as a source of comfort and a reminder of the love that was shared. Ria
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