Bonsai Containers

The container is often referred to as the picture frame and hurriedly passed over, containers as a subject can be as beguiling as the tree, but as a visual study, not a written one.

Suggestions for matching containers and styles:

* Formal – very plain rectangle or oval. Simple linear feet, medium depth.
* Broom – plain or lipped, shallow to medium rectangle or oval, simple linear feet.
* Informal – as above, sometimes the feet echo some design detail.
* Slanting – if slender trunked, as for informal or even literate, small round. If heavy trunked, a squat, heavy pot that visually counterbalances, or medium-depth plain rectangle or oval.

Bonsai matching container and styles

Display and presentation.

Bonsai is shown in a manner significant of standards in an art gallery: bonsai must be displayed at the right height in isolation, against a plain background, avoiding of all redundancies such as labels and vulgar little accessories.
* Height – Main trees are shown normally with their center trunk at eye level.
* Presentation – Bonsai must be correctly potted inappropriate, immaculate ceramic containers.
* Soil – Levels and ground covers must be well attended to without being obstructive. All the elements in the tree must be balanced.

Display Your Bonsai
Display Your Bonsai




Started playing with Bonsai trees from 1978

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