Bonsai All Purpose Scissors – 20CM


Bonsai All Purpose Scissors – 20CM


The All Purpose Scissors – 20CM are a highly practical bonsai tool indispensable for trimming twigs and thin branches. However, if you are dealing with thicker branches, we suggest utilizing the Bonsai Branch Cutter for more effective results. As experts in the field of bonsai care, we highly recommend investing in quality tools that will provide long-lasting and efficient service. Please feel free to explore our selection of premium bonsai tools, where we guarantee you will find reliable and durable instruments to suit your every need.

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All Purpose Scissors – 20CM are a frequently used bonsai tool and are handy for cutting twigs and thin branches.  For thicker branches, you should consider using the Bonsai Branch Cutter.

Handle casting scissors, also known as traditional Chinese scissors, have been used for centuries and make excellent all-purpose scissors for cutting everything from Bonsai leaves, roots, and silk to thin sheet metal. 

The strong and sharp blades make them equally useful in the shop, garden, or kitchen.

This all purpose scissors can easy be used for Bonsai Root cutting, or as a Bonsai Root Scissors or leave cutter.

They are constructed from high-quality steel, and comfortable, easy-grip handles.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 105 × 5 cm
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