Bonsai Turntable 300MM


Bonsai Turntable 300MM


Lightweight and of plastic material, so no rusting, this turntable is great for placing your bonsai on top and then turning as you need to prune, wire or work on all sides.

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Multi-use Heavy Duty 360 Degree Rotating Swivel Turn Table with steel ball bearings to support extra-large TV screens, appliances, and more.

  • Features:
    * Anti-slip Rubber Pad for Extra Grip
    * Steel Ball Bearings for Extra Strength
    * 360 Degree Smooth Rotation
    * Easy Operation
    * Slim and Neat Design
  • Specifications:
    * 30 cm Diameter
    * 560-gram weight
    * 25KG Load Capacity
  • Usage:
    * Flower Making, Baking Cakes, TV Screens, Laptops, Toy Model Stand, Flower Stand, Fruit Bowls, Photography, Picture Frames, and much more.
Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 26 × 10 × 26 cm
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